Queensland, Australia

with Aussie Walkabouts

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Day 1 - Australia Zoo

This was a great way to start the trip!  We got to see Steve Irwin, the "Crocodile Hunter" LIVE!  Apparently he is not at Australia Zoo very often (out shooting footage for Animal Planet), and so it was quite a treat to get to see him.  We also saw the very recently opened "Croc-oseum," a 5,000 seat arena designed exclusively for Steve Irwin's croc demonstrations.  Australia Zoo itself was really cool also featuring lots of animals that you could go up to and pet.  Sheryl really enjoyed getting to see all of the animals that she has seen with Steve on TV so many times in the past.
We spent most of the day at Australia Zoo and spent the night at a beautiful B&B outside of Montville called The Clouds of Montville.  The view was spectacular, as we were up in the coastal mountains.  It was about 10 degrees Fahrenheit cooler where we stayed than on the coast.
The "Croc-oseum" (125k)
Steve and wife, Teri (113k)
Introducing the Crocs (75k)
We learned all about croc safety in Australia.  Steve would say "Don't ever do this..." then he would demonstrate something really dangerous! (95k)
Notice how Steve is wet? You can imagine how he got that way... (112k)
Luring the crocs out (136k)
The big, black shadow you see is the croc! (165k)
The croc strikes! (120k)
Baiting the croc on to land (138k)
Steve baits the crocs with frozen rats (167k)
A nice close-up (150k)
Steve goes to get another croc (128k)
Notice all the spotters around Steve? (118k)
You can HEAR the power when these guys chop their jaws closed! (123k)
Look how close Steve's right foot is! (129k)
Yes, there were other animals at this zoo also.  Here is a tortoise. (174k)
Tiger cubs came out to play (100k)
A kangaroo in the shade (113k)
Sheryl making friends (180k)
Notice the concerned look on Sheryl's face? (327k)
A croc sunning (97k)
A very colorful parrot (123k)
Sheryl makes another friend (121k)
Sheryl doesn't actually have any food here, but the 'roo figured he better check. (125k)
Notice the little white head of a joey? (170k)
A mama feeds her baby (181k)
A koala bear (88k)
The koala fur is very thick and feels like cotton (172k)
A Tasmanian Devil.  These suckers are small but MEAN (170k)
Close-up of a Tasmanian Devil.  This one was actually "running laps" around his paddock (92k)
Steve @ Australia Zoo (60k)
Panorama of our view from The Clouds of Montville (2000x325, 67k)