Queensland, Australia

with Aussie Walkabouts

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Day 13 - Sea Kayaking the Whitsunday Islands

Today we went sea kayaking in the Whitsunday islands.  The Whitsundays are an island group off of Airlee Beach (where our dive boat left from) known to be frequented by sea turtles.  We saw several sea turtles and had a good time in the double kayaks.  Unfortunately, because salt water and digital cameras don't mix well, there aren't any pictures.  Sorry!
That night we had our final dinner as a group.  Steve prepared a great meal and we got to reminisce about the previous two weeks and all of the adventures we had.  Steve also handed out gifts to all of us: jars of Marmite.  For those of you who have never been to Australia, Marmite and Vegemite (which Steve prefers in his native New Zealand, but is difficult to find in Australia) are yeast spreads.  Marmite is an extract from the yeast that settles to the bottom of the vat when making beer.  Its extremely salty and I found it quite disgusting (of course, Aussies and Kiwis can't stand the sight of peanut butter and don't know why Americans eat so much of it).  Its so popular in these parts that Steve described beer as "a by-product of Vegemite production."
Our final dinner as a group. (68k)
Chris signs Steve-o's scrap book that we has all of his patrons sign at the end of every trip. (79k)
Steve check's on the grill while preparing the rest of dinner. (70k)
Linette relaxes before dinner. (50k)
Chris, Katie, and Leah after dinner.  Everyone was exhausted by this point in the trip, so that's why everyone looks mad. ;-) (64k)
Mark missed his daughters a lot by the end of the trip. (67k)
Sheryl chats with Cora while Steve puts the finishing touches on dinner. (56k)
Steve prepares to give us the Marmite gift.  You can see it behind his back. (88k)
Sheryl and Cora show of their new "treasure". (58k)
Chris looks thrilled to have his Marmite! (79k)
Cora won the award for the person who got the most out of the trip, so she got to cut the cake for desert. (66k)