Queensland, Australia

with Aussie Walkabouts

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Day 14 - Return trip to Mackay

Day 14 is supposed to just be spent driving back to Mackay.  However, our kayaking guide yesterday told us about a short hike on our way back to Mackay through Conway State Forest.  At the last minute we decided to do it.  The drive out there was a bit treacherous as most of it consisted of a road where a few feet to one side resulted in a drop of about 30 feet or more, but we made it and had a nice little hike at the end of our trip.  We then drove on to Mackay where most of the group had flights out that same day.

All in all, this was a FANTASTIC trip.  I would recommend Aussie Walkabouts, Active New Zealand or Active South America to anyone seeking out adventure travel.  The accommodations were wonderful, our guide was fantastic and we got to see and experience so much!  It was hard to leave, but alas the real world was calling us home.  Thanks for visiting!

Our guide, Steve, and the bus that drove us around the country. (68k)
A tree with an amazing root structure in Conway State Forest (136k)
Steve, Katie, and Sheryl during the hike. (141k)
Our group says good-bye.
Front row L-R: Mark, myself, Steve, and Linette.
Back Row L-R: Leah, Chris, Sheryl, Katie, and Cora. (91k)