Queensland, Australia

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Day 2 - Kondalilla National Park and Surfing in Noosa

Today we started the morning with a short drive to Kondalilla National Park, home of Kondalilla Falls.  We did a hike lasting about 2 hours to the waterfall seen below.  We stopped for lunch at a different national park before going on to Noosa.
Noosa is a beach town, similar to any touristy beach town in the US: lots of shops, lots of motels, little in the way of "permanent" residents.  We took surfing lessons there (sorry, no pics... digicam + sand = bad news ;).  Sheryl and I actually did pretty good at it, although Sheryl did better than most of us I think.  We were both able to stand up and "ride the wave" into the beach several times.  Surfing was actually a lot of fun; it wasn't as hard as I had expected, and we had a pretty good teacher.
A pool at the top of Kondalilla Falls.  We could go swimming in it, but the water was C O L D, so we decided not to. (215k)
Looking down Kondalilla Falls. The falls are about 300ft tall. One of our group members accidentally dropped a water bottle from the top of the falls.  We actually found and retrieved it at the bottom.  Needless to say, it wasn't good for holding water anymore. (700 x 2006, 230k)
The bottom of Kondalilla Falls (155k)