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Day 3 - Hiking in Noosa Coastal National Park

Today we went hiking in Noosa Coastal National Park.  The hike we went on hugs the coast, so we actually got to see lots of beautiful coastline.  The views were SPECTACULAR!  We hiked to a place called "Hell's Gate" (video below, when you watch it you'll see why its called "Hell's Gate").  We then wound up on the secluded beach of Alexandria Bay.  Although it is illegal to go nude on public beaches in Queensland, I can assure you we were the only people with clothes ON.  (Sorry, no pics ;) 
While at the beach, we relaxed for a while, had lunch, and played beach cricket.  If you don't know what cricket is, you'll have to look it up; its a British sport.  To describe like most Americans as "baseball with a flat bat" does a huge injustice to both sports.
After today's hike, we had a 3 hour drive to Hervey Beach where we caught a ferry out to Fraser Island.
Overlooking Hell's Gate and Alexandria Bay, our final destination. (180k)
Waves crashing on a rock outcropping at Alexandria Bay (62k)
The waves really were spectacular! (61k)
Overlooking Winch Cove (89k)
Video of Hell's Gate, a huge outcropping of rock that the water has eroded away over the centuries.  You wouldn't want to be down there in a boat! (0:24, 6.45Mb)
Panorama of Winch Cove.  You can see some coastal islands off in the distance. (2000x761, 146k)
There wasn't an easy way to get down onto this beach, as you can see by all the rocks. (2000x713, 138k)