Queensland, Australia

with Aussie Walkabouts

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Day 5 - Fraser Island and The Town of 1770

We spent last night and the first half of today on Fraser Island.  Sheryl and I got up and walked around the resort and the beach area to try and find some dingos.  We eventually saw one!  They look almost exactly like her parent's dog Cassie.
We left shortly before lunch and drove to The Town of 1770.  This is where Captain Cook landed when we discovered Australia in 1770.  There is a monument there to commemorate the discovery.  Today is our last taste of the tropics before heading into the Outback and Myella Cattle Station!
Dingo tracks on the beach (195k)
We finally found a dingo!  This one was eating something so we didn't dare get any closer.  Others in our group had some dingos follow them home the night before! (133k)
We ate lunch at the Botanical Gardens in Bundaberg.  This colorful bird joined us for lunch. (167k)
Sunset at The Town of 1770.  Steve-o is getting pretty good at timing these sunsets! (48k)
Steve-o had just gotten a new camera, so he had to climb into a tree to get a good picture of the sunset with it! (109k)
The end of day 5 of our adventure! (2500x392, 125k)