Queensland, Australia

with Aussie Walkabouts

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Day 7 - Myella Cattle Station

We spent most of the day at Myella.  Today we got to do more horseback riding, ride dirt bikes and learn how to crack a whip.
This is how Katie spent most of the day.  She loved it! (80k)
Forrest eating some lunch.  You can see another 'roo in the background that was raised by Olive and has been on its own for a while, but still likes to come back now and then. (153k)
The dirt bike I rode.  Sheryl wanted no part of this for fear of watching me fall to my death.  We heard to earn our "Myella License" before we could ride.  That meant we could demonstrate the ability to start, stop, and change gears on our own (145k)
Peter and Olive Eather, the owners of Myella Cattle Station. (88k)
Sheryl unpacking Jack after today's ride. (123k)
Rosie, the Eather's family dog. (115k)
Wallaby's sit very oddly.  They stick their back legs all the way forward and sit on their tails.  It looks uncomfortable to me! (174k)
We left Myella mid-afternoon to go on to Eungella.  Mark spent most of the time on the bus sleeping.  I think he enjoyed the quiet without his 5 daughters around. ;-) (49k)