Queensland, Australia

with Aussie Walkabouts

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Day 8 - Hiking in Eungella National Park

Eungella is a town located in the coastal mountains of Queensland.  It sits at about 2400 feet of elevation.  This was Sheryl's least favorite hike because we got started late in the day, so we actually finished this one in the dark.  It was pitch dark by the time we got to the other side.
You can see how dense the vegetation is.  With this much vegetation, it got dark REAL fast when the sun got behind the mountains. (282k)
Sheryl and I in Eungella National Park. (148k)
Platypus Pond.  The platypus is known to frequent this area.  We didn't see any on this hike, but we did get to see them today because it was too dark. (165k)
Some of the trees in the forest had a very strange shape to them.  These trees have buttresses that aren't more than 6 inches wide coming out from the trunk. (136k)