Queensland, Australia

with Aussie Walkabouts

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The Players

Well the most important part of any production is the cast of characters.  We had 8 people plus Steve, our guide.  We were all from the US (which is not typical of these trips), and ranged in age from a 21 year old college student to a SCUBA-diving grandmother!  There were 3 teachers on this trip, including Sheryl.

Leah C.

21 year old college student from Phoenix, AZ.  This was the first big trip of her life.

Linette F.

Elementary school teacher from Fairbanks, Alaska.  This trip was the middle leg of a 5 week vacation down under for Linette.

Katie L.

Financial big-wig at Ross "Dress for Less" from San Francisco, CA. 

Cora D.

Grandmother from Ohio.

Chris C.

High-school biology teacher and track coach from Indiana.  One-half of a brother pair on the trip.

Mark C.

Lawyer from Indianapolis, IN.  The other half of the brother pair.

Steve W. with "The Bus"

Our guide and our faithful steed (the bus, that is).  Steve is a Kiwi from the south island of New Zealand.  This was the first time he had lead this trip through Queensland.

Sheryl and Steve B.

Us of course. :-)