Our Trip to Botswana
On 18 July 2007, Sheryl and I left to spend two weeks on safari in Botswana with Bush Ways Safaris through The World Outdoors.  The actual itinerary we took as the Lion Tour (Google Earth KMZ).  We arrived on 20 July 2007, but our luggage did not arrive for another EIGHT DAYS.  That made for an interesting trip, but we managed pretty well.
I cannot say enough good things about Bush Ways or Botswana.  Bush Ways offers fantastic tours throughout Botswana on fully customized Range Rovers that contain everything you need for bush camping.  There guides are extremely knowledgeable, and our guide, Chippy, could not have been better at tracking and finding wildlife and pointing out good pictures. Bush Ways is also who found our lost bags for us and got them to us as soon as they could, when most of the airline employees could not have cared less.  I would highly recommend Bush Ways to anyone considering a safari.
I would also highly recommend going to Botswana.  The animal viewing is spectacular.  The government of Botswana highly values tourism and they have invested a lot of money in wildlife protection, parks and tourist facilities.  Botswana is also safer than all of its neighbors.  Sheryl and I had to go through several cities in Botswana to buy things that was in our luggage, and we never felt unsafe.  I cannot say the same for Zambia.  Most places in Botswana accept credit cards, and if they don’t, they accept US dollars.  Overall, it is a great country and I would recommend visiting to anyone without reservation.
At any rate, we spent two weeks touring northern Botswana including Chobe National Park, Nata Sanctuary, the Okavonga Delta, Moremi National Park and Victoria Falls.  As you will see, there were lots of amazing sites.